Gardening Products!

On one hand, there are "sustainable" gardeners who have an air of disdain as soon as you mention using a "product". They consider it a badge of honor to grow all of their produce with zero commercial inputs using only reclaimed materials. But on the other hand, there are gardeners who will spare no expense when it comes to indulging their green thumb. They don't care if the end cost of that carrot was $25. They had fun growing it and they view it as a worthwhile hobby.

I guess I'm somewhere in the middle. I've come to realize, that every once in a while there may be a product that can revolutionize my gardening. When I encounter these items, I get excited and want to share the benefits that they've brought me! And some products are just essential to a certain task. For example, if you want viable seedlings, you MUST supply some sort of light. So here are some key gardening products that I've tested out.

Discontinued Products: