Jora 70 Gallon 270 Compost Tumbler (JoraForm JK270)

Jora 70 Gallon 270 Compost Tumbler:
(JoraForm JK270)
Product Review

The Jora 70 (Joraform JK270) has been a rather impressive tumbling composter. Admittedly, I haven't bought a large array of tumblers. But isn't that the point? I didn't want to waste $100 dollars on a cheap compost tumbler, only to have it fall apart after a year of use. I'd rather spend more up front and then recoup that investment through years of pain-free, reliable use.

WHO SHOULD NOT BUY A JORA TUMBLER? Let's start there. There are 2 groups of people who should NOT run out and buy one of these as their first gardening investment. After all, this thing is relatively expensive. Expect to pay from $380 - $420.

1) Obviously, if you're on a tight budget, then this unit will not appear very attractive. If it's going to deplete your life savings, then DON'T BUY IT.

2) Also, if you own several acres of land, then why on Earth would you want this? Just build big, outdoor compost bins. You have the room. What's more, if your lot is very large, then the Joraform is going to fill up really fast. Soon you'll wonder if you might need 2 or 3 more... yeesh!

How do you use a Jora composter?

DAY-TO-DAY USE: The JK270 tumbler has 2 modestly sized chambers. Altogether it holds 9.5 cubic feet of compost. That's about 35 gallons of organic matter per side. The idea is to slowly fill up the 1st chamber leaving only 4 inches of space at the top. Then leave it alone and move on to the 2nd chamber. By the time the 2nd chamber is full, the 1st one should be finished off and ready for use. Every month you may find that a chamber is ready to be emptied.

Video: Jora 70: Hot Compost Tumbler
(After 2 Years in My Urban Garden)

Take a look at how my Jora 70 has held up after 2 years of use.

Is the Jora Composter Worth It?

AN URBAN GARDENERS DREAM COME TRUE? Urban gardeners are the ideal user for any tumbler. And the JK270 is no exception. IF you can afford it AND you have limited space THEN you might consider buying the Joraform. On a small lot, I've been able to process all of my waste with this one unit. The only other system I've simultaneously used is a vermi-compost system. With these 2 techniques, I'm able to pump out plenty of compost, while discarding ZERO plant waste.

The Joraform JK270 has opened doors for me in my small space urban garden. I don't throw away any organic waste -not even weeds or diseased plants. I can even compost meats or dairies (since it's rodent proof). I get rich, nutrient-dense compost in record time. All the while, this tumbler occupies a very small footprint in my unheated garage. And so for my application, I highly recommend.

BUILD QUALITY: The Joraform JK270 is very sturdy. A solid tumbler that isn't supposed to sag or warp over time. It's constructed of powder coated galvanized steel panels. The tumbler spins quite effortlessly when completely filled up. The locking mechanisms hold the lid solidly in place. You can even padlock the latches closed, if you live in the ghetto. But really, there is one feature that makes this composter the cat's meow. It's insulated!

Oh yes, my fellow gardeners. This bad boy is lined with a 2" thick layer of HDPE foam insulation! The foam is rigid and very durable (a stable, non-toxic plastic). After over a year of use, the foam shows zero sign of where. I've had very hot temperatures of up to 155°F. But the foam did not shrink or melt. In fact, this foam is the key to achieving such ridiculously high temps, with a comparatively small amount of mass.

The heat generated by bacterial decomposition is trapped in the chamber and the pile quickly heats up to the point that weed seeds and pathogens are easily killed. Diseased or weedy plants? No problem. Just toss 'em in the Joraform!

LONG-TERM VALUE: I purchased my Jora in 2014 for $389. I've gotten my money back out of that investment. And 8 years later, the unit is still 100% functional. However, the same cannot be said for all users. Some Amazon reviewers have shown photos of a unit that experienced SEVERE corrosion. Their units were stored outdoors, unlike mine. Really, most gardeners are going to want their tumbler outside. And so there is some real concern about lifespan. Add to this the fact that Jora has hiked their price by $180 since I purchased mine. This should give you reason for pause. I believe Jora is gouging customers at $569 and I wouldn't ever advise buying it at that price, knowing that some users have had product failure after 4 years...

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