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Recycle Your CD or DVD
Spindles, aka Cake Boxes!

If you are trying to find ingenious ways to reuse your old CD / DVD containers, look no further. The Albo-spindle is a recycled or repurposed SIP (sub-irrigated planter) made from two reclaimed cake boxes. The top is a growing chamber that holds all of your potting mix. A 50 or 100 pack is perfect. Then the bottom holds a water reservoir, making it self-watering. A 50 or even 25 DVD / CD pack works great. This system is actually a perfect method for growing venus fly traps! Watch this quick video to see more:

Video: Albo-Spindle: Turn CD Cake Boxes into Self-watering SIP Planters

Check out this cool self-watering container made from upcycled containers!



  • 100 Pack CD / DVD Cake Box Spindle (Top)
  • 25 or 50 Pack CD / DVD Case (Top & Bottom)
  • 3 Polyester Round Shoe Laces cut to 12" in length
  • SIP Potting Mix*
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Soldering Iron

    * My Venus Fly Trap Potting Mix Recipe:
  • 1 part perlite
  • 1 part vermiculite
  • 1 part peat moss
  • 1 part zeolite
  • 1 part flushed & buffered coir

  1. With soldering iron, melt 6 holes into top of 100 spindle.
  2. Melt away the center cap on the 100 pack.
  3. Leave the 25 / 50 pack TOP untouched.
  4. Melt 6 holes into BOTTOM of 25 / 50 pack.
  5. Cut the tip off of the center pillar.
  6. Place the top onto the base of the 25 /50 pack.
  7. Put it onto a table top, up-side-down.
  8. Turn the 100 pack up-side-down. It should fit onto 25 / 50 pack.
  9. Use hot glue gun to secure 100 pack onto 25 / 50 pack base.*
  10. Run the shoe laces into the water reservoir (bottom chamber).
  11. Fill the top chamber with potting mix & pull the laces up into the mix..

    * Note: Not all CD / DVD spindle cases are made the same.
            Do a quick test fit to see if yours will work for this usage.

The upper CD / DVD container holds 8 cups of potting mix if you use a 100 count.
Using a 50 pack for the lower chamber supplies a 4 cup water reservoir.

Albo-spindle Diagram
A great way to recycle empty CD or DVD containers. pin it

Albo-spindle made from recycled CD - DVD spindles
Albo-spindle made from recycled CD - DVD spindles
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Side view of Albo-spindle made from repurposed CD - DVD cake boxes
Side view of Albo-spindle made from repurposed CD / DVD cake boxes
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100 count CD - DVD top with 25 count water reservoir
An assembled Albo-spindle, using a 100 count CD / DVD top with a 25 count water reservoir.
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Parsley & carrots growing in Albo-spindle
Parsley and carrots growing in the Albo-spindle.
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Venus Fly Traps grown in SIP CD / DVD Cases using sub-irrigation
Venus Fly Traps grown in SIP CD / DVD Cases using sub-irrigation
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I've had great success growing venus fly traps in the Albo-spindle. After 18 months of testing, I thought is was time to share this idea with the world. Of course, you can grow lots of other things like herbs or small vegetables. As you can see above, I've even grown carrots!

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