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This subsection is devoted to various recipes that I've encountered through the years. Some of these may have been prepared only once, while others were made many times. I'm slowly improving or eliminating the less healthy food options from my past. Moving forward, I'm focusing on plant-based foods, mostly whole food.

Although I'm not an ethical vegan, I eat all vegan meals. I began with a "flexitarian" approach, slowly phasing out animal products in favor of whole plant foods. Of course, eating healthy isn't just about eliminating meat or dairy or egg. It's about much more. I practice evidence based nutrition, balanced with good sense. Low sodium, low saturated fat, minimal added sugars and refined grains. Increased potassium, fiber, whole grains and anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables.

It's been a slow transition, but the results are worth it: Weight loss along with reduced risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other debilitating diseases. These recipes are the collection that my wife and I refer to as we continue to transform our meal options into healthier choices.

Click a colored tab to see each section and click the recipe name to expand the details. In a couple recipes, I was able to estimate the fat and sodium content. If a recipe is animal product free, low in sodium and low in fat, then it gets my 5 out of 5 rating.

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