This is a collection of my various plant-based recipes. Some have been prepared only once, while others are prepared regularly. I focus on eating plant-based (mostly whole) foods. No animal products and minimally processed or refined foods.

I'm not an ethical vegan. Technically my meals all qualify as vegan. But I don't refer to myself as being a "vegan". I don't agree with misuse of animals, but I also don't agree with the ethics or "morals" that many self-proclaimed vegans try to impose on others. And I definitely can't stand junk-food vegans who load up on processed foods laden with high sodium, added sugars and saturated fat.

In search of a healthier lifestyle, years ago I began phasing out animal products in favor of whole plant foods. Of course, eating healthy isn't just about eliminating meat or dairy or eggs. It's also important to watch out for sodium and saturated fat content. When practical, I opt for minimal added sugars and refined grains. My meals have increased potassium, fiber and whole grains along with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

At first it took some adjusting, but the results were worth it! In addition to saving money on my food bill, I've also experienced: Weight loss along with reduced risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other debilitating diseases. These recipes are the collection that my wife and I refer to as we continue to transform our meal options into healthier choices.

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