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Tips For Planning a Backyard Orchard
and Growing Fruit Trees

As more suburbanites turn their attention to urban gardening, people are also looking at perennials. "Backyard orchard" is a term that is catching on. And like so many others, you too might be ready to plant your first fruit tree. If you still have reservations, be sure to read my earlier article about overcoming common barriers to growing fruit trees. At this point though, we're going to assume that you're on board and ready to dig in!

This article series will help you to examine the benefits and functions served by fruit trees. We'll help you to evaluate what selections are best for your site. What options work best in a small urban space? How can you care for your trees? What should you do for pruning or for pest management? We'll answer these questions and also share some tips to maximize your success.

 • Benefits & Functions of Fruit Trees
 • Fruit Tree Selection
 • Fruit Tree Placement

Hopefully, this small guide will benefit you in your planning stages!

1. Benefits & Functions of Fruit Trees →