Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb - Kid's Book Review
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Persephone's Quest
for a Green Thumb
- Al Gracian III
Book Overview

I'm currently wrapping up my book project. Here's a overview of what to expect! Persephone’s Quest for a Green Thumb is a beautifully illustrated, book for people who love plants. The upbeat, inspirational story offers unique insights, including some tricks of the trade.

By the end of the story, you’ll understand which parameters matter the most. You will see how these factors interact with each other. And your confidence in growing plants will grow! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a brand new gardener, this book offers an interesting look into the world of horticulture.

Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb - Kid's Book Sample Page Spread
Be prepared for 42 breathtaking, full page, color illustrations. Plus, 43 black & white drawings and diagrams.

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Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb

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Book Details: How is the Book Formatted?

Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb - Printed Proof Samples from Amazon KDP
I had been busy reviewing printed proof samples, getting the colors perfected while also setting up the audiobook!

Audience: Who is This Book For?

Persephone’s Quest for a Green Thumb was written for a middle grade target audience. However, as I was showing it to family and friends, I found time and again that adults love it too. Really, this book is for gardeners and plant lovers. All of us! The story is understandable enough for a 9 year old to enjoy. But the information and horticultural insights appeal to an older audience too. Even seasoned gardeners tell me that they learned things!

The book is heavy on illustrations. They help to set the scene. They convey the emotional state of the characters. And they accurately show practices in greenhouses and vertical farms. The story itself could be read in a little over half an hour. Even still, it has been broken down into 5 easily digestible chapters.

Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb - A girl sits in a sunroom full of plants
The story of a young girl who must figure out how to care for a cherished plant from her grandmother.

For a more expansive delve into the science, the appendix helps the reader to dig even deeper. Rather than reciting a cold wall of facts, the appendix has been dovetailed into the story. It was written in first person, from the perspective of Dr. Demitri. This makes for a more engaging experience.

If your kids love plants or gardening, if they enjoy science, or if you're trying to inspire them, then this is the book for them. The story is compelling enough for younger readers. And the content is complex enough to keep kids coming back even as they get a little older. If you pair this up with the audiobook, your kids will enjoy a truly immersive journey into the world of plant science!

Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb - A Lovely Story, An Exciting Field Trip, Plant Science 101
The classroom takes a trip to a plant laboratory where they tour vertical farms, greenhouses and more!

Complete, Free Audiobook:

Persephone’s Quest for a Green Thumb is full of wonderful illustrations which truly engage your imagination. However, you can enjoy an even richer experience by listening to the audiobook which includes distinct voice acting for each character's dialog. Check out the audiobook at, my preferred audiobook seller.

I'm currently in the process of having the audiobook published on various other platforms as well. You can - listen to the audiobook on SoundCloud - which is available in the App Store or on Google Play. In addition, you can listen to the entire production right here on my site!

Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb (Audiobook)

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Sit back and enjoy the entire audiobook of: Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb. Just be sure to open up your copy of the book so you can take your time and enjoy all of the lovely illustrations. In addition to a narrator, this audiobook also has a full cast of voice actors to really bring the story to life!

The voice of Dr. Demitri was played by a lifelong friend of mine, Jeremiah Briggs. He has an emerging YouTube channel where he showcases various literary masterpieces of science fiction and other classic short stories. The style is much more spooky and eerie, although his selection of stories is still PG. ~You can check out his channel here!~

Author's Motivation: Why Did I Write This Book?

I've always been keen on promoting gardening and growing plants in general. It's become both a passion as well as a livelihood. The very purpose of and my YT channel has been to give people ideas. I strive to teach people basic plant science, in a effort to build appreciate for the wonderful world of horticulture.

Of course, we're all different and we all have different interests. But to me, growing plants and gardening should be for everyone to enjoy. At times, some people may encounter setbacks which turn them off from gardening. Some of my friends have told me they just don't have a "green thumb." I've never agreed with the concept that growing plants is simply a gift that some people are born with. I view it as a basic skill. One that can be nurtured and developed.

Those sentiments are what led me to this special project. In particular, I love the idea of writing to a younger audience. This is our future generation. What heritage will we pass on to our kids? I wrote this book to inspire kids. My hope is that by learning the basics about what plants need, my young readers will take a moment to think more about our natural world. Will they start gardening? Will they grow a few house plants? If this book draws them in and helps them to connect with nature, then I've accomplished my goal!

Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb - A Lab Technician Works in a Vertical Farm
The highly detailed illustrations bring plant science to life!

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