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Are portable power stations really able to replace gas generators? What are their limitations? What appliances can high-end power stations run? How long will the charge last? What are some situations where power stations are most important? Who needs them the most?

I found myself addressing all of those questions as I began reviewing my first power station. I chose the Oukitel P2001, in part, because of its UPS feature. This thing is a massive uninterruptible power supply. As such, it can backup a high-end grow lights, up to 1100 watts! You could run an LED or even HPS light and if the power goes out, the UPS instantly switches to battery mode. This will keep your light running for at least 1 1/2 hours, depending on the running wattage.

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Portable Power Stations vs Gas Generators + OUKITEL P2001 Review


  • Rated Runtime: 2000Wh
  • Tested Runtime: 1590Wh (AC) / 1535Wh (DC)
  • Running Watts: 2000W
  • Peak Watts: 4000W
  • Batteries: LiFEPO4 (LFP)
  • Charge Cycles: 2000 to 80%
  • AC Charge Time: 1.8 Hours
  • Max Charge: 1100W (AC) + 500W (DC)
  • Output Ports: 6 AC / Car Outlet / 1 XT60 / 2 DC5521 / 4 USB-A / 2 USB-C
  • UPS Function: Up to 1100 running watts
  • Weight: 48.5 lbs

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OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power Station Test Running Shop Vac + Table Saw
I was able to push this power station to the max running a shop vac & table saw under load at 2000 running watts!

RUNTIME: All portable power stations will boast a rated runtime capacity in watt-hours (Wh). But that capacity represents how much charge the internal batteries can hold. Not the amount of power that your connected devices can use. In the real world, the observed watt-hours are usually from 75 to 85% of that rating

The P2001 comes in at around 80% of the rated runtime. This is pretty good, but slightly less efficient than some top of the line models. Ideally, you can expect to get up to 1600Wh. This is under optimal scenarios though. As demonstrated in my video, there are various factors that influence what you really get.

In low wattage, long duration scenarios, there's a significant loss of power due to internal parasitic losses. For this reason, it's preferable to use the DC output feature when possible, to reduce inverter losses that are observed when the AC circuit is enabled. So, for example, try using a DC powered LED light rather than a standard AC plug if you are using this for emergency lighting. Direct plug your mobile devices into the USB ports for charging rather than using AC adapters.

OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power Station Review DC Output vs AC Runtime
The runtime can be dramatically boosted on a power station by using DC outputs when possible.


IMPRESSIONS: The OUKITEL P2001 portable power station is positioned at an excellent price, making it an extremely good value. When you assess value by watt-hours per dollar spent, the P2001 beats out competitors like Anker, Jackery, BLUETTI, ECOFLOW and Energizer. But you don't really sacrifice anything in the way of build quality. In fact, the UPS feature is missing in many competitor products, such as Jackery.

There are plenty of output ports for all of your devices. You get the superior lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry. You have very high running and peak wattage specs. And you get a very respectable runtime. The fast charge time is sure to spoil you. After enjoying a 1.8 hour charge time, I can't imagine buying a system that takes 5 or 6 hours!

OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power Station Review Running Microwave Small Blender
The OUKITEL P2001 can easily run this microwave and small blending cup at the same time.

Who Needs a Portable Power Station?

RECOMMENDATIONS: I recommend the P2001 for entry-level off-grid living. It has no problems running small microwaves, toasters, hot plates and even high speed blenders. It's good for RV life, cabins or homesteaders. However, advanced users will likely be looking for a higher capacity, more robust system. Often this means some sort of DIY solution.

STORAGE LIFE: I'm most interested in this portable power station for emergency or disaster situations. The OUKITEL P2001 is a great tool for prepping. The LiFEPO4 batteries allow you to store the unit in a 100% charged state. After a few months of sitting, disconnected, I just had to pull it out of the closet. When I fired it up, it was still fully charged and ready to go. It's a good idea to cycle the battery once every few months, but otherwise it's a very low maintenance system.

You can use it to backup your fridge or freezer. The UPS can give teleworkers a fairly long backup of power, easily getting them through a whole work day. Even for light construction work, it might be easier to just bring along this power station, than to mess with extension cords or gas generators. Most importantly, this will backup your electrical medical devices.

I recommend this power station to anyone who can afford it. There are small capacity units that cost less. But they pale in comparison to a 2000W system. You'll never regret having extra power on hand when you need it.

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Buy from Amazon.com: OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power Station

Discount Code: BABKKX6I

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