For years I've been working on the content of this site. I have big plans and a clear direction that I want this site to go in. My associated YouTube Channel (Albopepper) has become more successful over the years. But it certainly won't be making me rich any time soon.

If you like the content or ideas presented on my site or in my videos, then please show your support. I still have plenty of ideas for new content. It's the support of readers and viewers like you that motivate me to keep going. So what can you do to help?

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Persephone's Quest for a Green Thumb - Book Cover Artwork
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BUY MY BOOK: I've been working on a beautifully illustrated kid's book that teaches plant science. I'm completely self-publishing. I wrote it. I did all of the design work, including the front cover design. Rather than asking for handouts on Patreon, I've created a quality product that shares my passion for growing plants. Please consider buying my book and leaving a review on Amazon. This would be an amazing way to show your support!

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GARMENT SALES: I've tried FIVE online direct to garment printers. I bought from them. I checked the quality of their prints and looked at their pricing. I am very proud to be partnered with Through my online storefront, they fulfill all of my gardening T-shirt designs that are featured on my site and videos.

I pour my heart and soul into devising unique pro-gardening slogans, and artwork. Gardening is my passion and I'm proud to wear it on my sleeve. People love reading my shirts and they even say they like the designs. Why not buy one for yourself or for that special someone in your life? I'd like to continue to increase the variety and quality of my design line, but it's hard to devote much time to something that is not embraced by the community.

AFFILIATE LINKING: I want reasonable control over what my readers are exposed to. So I try to hand pick some of the products featured on my site. For most Amazon listings, I'm a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

I put lots of time into product testing and reviewing. I don't want a reader to be tricked into buying a junk product. I don't want them to be sent to a site that is overcharging them. I now offer an Amazon storefront which compiles an ongoing list of products that I've used and found to be helpful in my gardening endeavors. This is a great way to track down some of those key components that you may have seen on my site or in one of my videos.

I hand-pick most product links, trying to keep them relevant to the topic at hand. With these links, the price that a consumer pays is exactly the same, whether they click through my site or not. But by clicking one of my links, I get a tiny commission. It's like sending me a donation that doesn't cost you a penny!

It's a lot of work, trying to identify which items will truly benefit the gardening community. If you find links to a product that I've listed on my site or my YouTube Channel... If that product is what you are looking for and it is priced at a good value... Then please consider buying it through my link.

DONATIONS? Many websites and YouTube channels will provide a "Donate" button. This allows a person to make a direct monetary contribution. I often feel that such buttons are like asking for a hand-out. I'm not going to beg for money. I select what videos and written content I wish to share. I love all of the feedback that my supporters offer. Although some people have requested a donate feature, I prefer to remain independent. No companies and no individuals own stock in me. As long as I can afford it, I prefer to keep things that way.