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How can you get the most uniform distance from an LED bar light? How much light is lost as a grow light is raised or lowered? I tested the PAR levels of the Maxsisun MG3000 to see how it can be configured for various growing applications. After taking over 800 PPFD spot readings with my Apogee SQ-520 sensor, I've compiled the results of my testing and included them in the video review.

The MG3000 is a perfect fit for a 3ft x 3ft or 90cm x90cm grow space. It can be hung 12", 18" or up to 24" above the plant canopy in a 3 foot tent. The chassis is structurally reinforced to withstand up to 140 pounds of weight. It's a solidly built light as demonstrated by my "step test". 😜 The light comes fully built with no assembly required. It has a quality feel and the light output and spread is excellent.

• Diodes: SAMSUNG LED LM281B+
• Driver: Mean Well ELGC-300-H-AB
• Standalone Dimmer Box
• Power Draw: 300W (289W actual)
• PPE (400-700nm): 2.38 umol/J
• Total PPF (400-700nm): 687 umol/s
• Spectrum: 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, 730nm
• Coverage: 4 ft x 4 ft Veg / 3 ft x 3 ft Bloom
• Distance: 12" - 24" from Plant Canopy

Spectrum Test Report

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Maxsisun MG3000 LED Samsung Diodes Full Spectrum Bar Light
The Maxsisun MG3000 has improved diode spacing along with a reinforced chassis.

LIGHT OUTPUT: The Samsung diodes & Mean Well driver are good quality. Not the premium top-of-the-line. But still very efficient, at an affordable price. Maxsisun properly tested the light & posted their integrating sphere test report in their site. At 289 watts it outputs a PPF of 687 umol/s which translates into a PPE of 2.38 umol/J.

LIGHT COVERAGE: The PPFD maps provided by Maxsisun were taken with an Apogee MG-620 light meter. This meter cover a broader spectrum than standard PAR (400-700nm). So I took my own readings with the standard Apogee SQ-520 sensor. In my test bed, I observed excellent light coverage from the center to the corners. For a flowering 12/12 cycle, this light is ideal over 9 sq ft. It could cover 16 sq ft for seedlings, clones or vegetative growth.

Video: Maxsisun MG3000
LED Bar Grow Light

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HANGING HEIGHT: I recommend mounting this grow light at a minimum of 12" or up to 24" in a 3x3 tent. You might go a little higher in a 4x4 tent for low light applications to achieve optimal light spread. Compared to 18", you can get a 4% boost in photon output by lowering the light to 12". But this comes at the expense of uniformity in coverage. For the absolute best coverage from center to corner (in a 3x3 tent) try raising the light to 24". Be aware that the photons hitting the plant canopy will drop by 5% though.

HANGING HEIGHT: You can see from my tests that the dimming function will predictably reduce light levels. So expect a 50% reduction in power (wattage) to reduce the light output by 50%. Note: The dimming knob can not be relied on for accurately achieving your target brightness. Either use a KillaWatt meter to check power at the wall or use a light sensor to achieve your target brightness at the canopy.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Maxsisun's MG3000 is an excellent option for entry level medicinal growers, but also for hobby gardeners. It can easily replace a 400W HPS light. Or even up to a single ended 600W HPS. But a double ended HPS in a modern ballast will have higher output than this LED. It's an option for T5 fluorescent users. This 289W system can replace a 12 bulb, 4 ft T5HO fixture, which would normally consume 648W.

From the pricing I've been seeing, the MG3000 is a very good value. It will give you more than 2 PPF be dollar. In fact, at the time of writing this review, I saw pricing that yielded 2.86 PPF per dollar!

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