The How Not to Die Cookbook Book Review

The How Not to Die Cookbook:
- Michael Greger M.D.
Book Review

The How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease is the follow up book from Michael Greger M.D.. This is a full blown cookbook loaded with gorgeous photos of colorful, antioxidant-rich meals. If you're not familiar with Dr. Greger's work, he's the founder of NutritionFacts.Org a non-profit organization devoted to shedding light on the facts surrounding what scientists and medical professionals know about food nutrition.

Ultimately, research shows that the healthiest diet centers around whole grains, fruits and vegetables. A plant-based diet, low in sodium and saturated fat, but high in fiber and anti-oxidants. The recipes in this cookbook are built around some of the healthiest, nutrient dense foods available.

In Dr Greger's recipes you'll find a variety of colors and textures. Those colors make for a beautiful arrangement on your dinner plate. But they also result from powerful phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants. That means cancer fighting properties!

Something missing from Dr Greger's recipes is a calorie, fat content, sodium content label. WHY??? Well, because cooking these recipes means cooking with whole foods. Coming from a world of processed foods, we read labels to limit our exposure to fat or salt. We may only eat two of those cookies or ten of those chips (even though we would like to eat more).

But with Dr. Greger's recipes, it is much harder to overdose on the bad stuff. Simply because: HE DOESN'T USE IT! Low sodium, low fat. He's factored it all in. And the calories are derived from whole plant sources, rich in fiber and phyto-nutrients. So the more you eat, the healthier you become!

This book is full of recipes from entrées to desserts and even the base components used throughout (like spice packs). There's a healthy sprinkling of health-related nutrition highlights as well. And at the end, there are six pages of references to back up all of his research. We truly are what we eat. And there are thousands of medical publications that can attest to this.

The "Western Lifestyle" and the diet associated with it has brought many health complications. High sodium, high fat (especially saturated), refined sugar, refined grains. Heavy reliance on animal products. These have all contributed to a variety of illnesses. And as developing nations adopt the Western diet, we see a rise in diseases as a result. Heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, cancer. The rates increase as diet quality decreases. But what makes for a good "quality" diet? The media is full of conflicting studies designed to confuse or even totally mislead the average consumer.

Dr. Greger and his research team have spent years sifting through the research. And this cookbook is the embodiment of that knowledge. True, it is vegan friendly. But the tone and intent is not one of activism. It reflects a genuine concern for the health and welfare of others. Do you care about your body and the health of your family? If so, pick up this book and try a few recipes!

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