Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist Book Review

Edible Landscaping:
with a Permaculture Twist
- Michael Judd

Book Review

I found this book to be a great hands on project guide which also teaches some fundamental permaculture techniques. The step by step instructions are very comprehensive. This book is beautifully illustrated with plenty of full color photos that are both fun and instructive.

Michael does a great job in demonstrating the benefits of re-thinking your landscape. His solutions are both practical and eye-opening! I personally am VERY partial towards the whole edible landscaping technique. I feel that working edible landscapes into our yards is simply a matter of good sense. In this book, we see how our food and our yard can be seamlessly weaved into a beautiful, sustainable backdrop. At the same time, proper use of swales and water gardens can alleviate drainage issues which can often plague our urban landscape.

I'm becoming a bit of a plant geek and so I quickly gobbled up the excellent insights into less common fruit trees such as persimmon and jujube. In fact, after reading this book I went and ordered some for a Spring planting!

A great explanation on sheet mulching was given which can help with easy expansion of a landscape bed. Spiral herb beds. Mushroom cultivation. Outdoor clay ovens. I learned some great techniques showing what to do. But more importantly, I now understand the underlying reasons for how and why they work.

Edible Landscaping: with a Permaculture Twist is a fun book to read. Michael Judd shares some personal experiences that I think you'll enjoy. So take some time to read his book. I recommend it, especially if you are new to permaculture. It starts you down a path that will enhance both your landscape and your life.

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