Grow Fruit Naturally: A Hands-On Guide to Luscious, Homegrown Fruit Book Review

Grow Fruit Naturally:
A Hands-On Guide to Luscious, Homegrown Fruit
- Lee A. Reich

Book Review

Grow Fruit Naturally is one of those fundamental books that every home orchardist should own. The author, Lee Reich, has decades of hands-on training and a PhD in horticulture which garner an amazing wealth of knowledge. This book draws upon all of that experience and passes it on to the reader in a well-rounded format that covers all bases.

You start with the basics, covering microclimates and soil science. You get a little botany along with some essential pruning tips. Lee shares information about pest and disease management. But in particular, I love the beautiful photos and descriptions of dozens of fruiting trees, vines and shrubs. From the common apple, to the more obscure shipova, Lee covers it all.

With each basic plant profile you find beautiful photos of fruits and foliage. Growth habit, pollination needs, light requirements, climate and region profiles are provided. Lee shares tips on training, fruit harvesting and general growing. You can tell that he really knows his stuff!

Grow Fruit Naturally offers something for everyone. First-time gardeners will be introduced to a broad range of fruit options that they've never even heard of before. More experienced growers will love the deeper insights into plants that perhaps they've heard of but didn't know much about. Even veteran orchardists will appreciate Lee's recommendations on different cultivar types. Thanks for the tip on the Hinnonmaki Yellow Gooseberry, Lee!

This book covers the basics, helping beginners to dig their first hole. Yet there is some real substance to the material, making it a reference you never seem to outgrow. I first checked it out from the library, but soon recognized its intrinsic value to any backyard orchardist. If you can only buy a single book by Lee Reich, Grow Fruit Naturally is the one to get!

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