Fire the Landscaper Book Review

Fire the Landscaper:
- Phil M. Williams
Book Review

Fire The Landscaper was a worthwhile read. Obviously it has the potential to make some enemies in the landscape industry (lawn treatment in particular). But the author is entitled to talk the talk. After all, he fired himself!

In part, this book demonstrates one man's journey from a materialistic, environmentally negligent lifestyle to a simpler, eco-friendly way of existence. Ultimately this has led Phil to a happier, more content way of life. This satisfaction is something he eagerly wants to share with others. We just need to take the time to listen!

The book also exposes the damage caused by reliance on pesticides and herbicides in our lawns and landscapes. Social norms have created a cultural perception which dictates how our properties should look. People are concerned about what their neighbors think, but often don't worry one bit about what that means for wildlife and the environment. Phil offers practical suggestions to improve our approach to lawn care.

The author also does not hold back (or does he?) in exposing blood thirsty HOAs and extreme municipal regulation. There certainly is an irony in this "free nation" which will throw you in jail if there is a brown spot in your yard. Humans always seem to find ways to abuse their power over others. Injustice prevails. Phil sees this and expounds on the matter from the perspective of a home owner.

There is a better way. Fire The Landscaper doesn't just bash everything we hold dear about our society, leaving us with nothing but frustration and disillusionment. It also offers a replacement, a better way of doing things. Permaculture.

Phil discusses many basic principles of permaculture and the advantages they offer. This book is not going to teach you every little thing about permaculture. Instead, it is the precursory reading that will heighten your appreciation for the work people are doing in the field. It will prepare you for the change in cultural techniques that our society so desperately needs.

I found this book to be easy to read, while giving me lots to think about. I recommend it!

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