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Why Should You Garden?

Maybe I'm preaching to the choir. Or maybe you're really not sure if getting into gardening is for you. Even if someone is a tried and true, long time gardener, reviewing the many benefits of gardening can make us feel good about what we're doing. And we may see points that we can share with others, helping them to see the true value of growing your own!

GAINING MOMENTUM: Gardening, urban farming, homesteading and permaculture. They are all experiencing a rise in popularity, especially in the US where our predecessors had turned their backs on food growing. But today in many of our communities we are seeing a revitalization. Community gardens continue to rise up out of the asphalt offering hope to a new generation!

Perhaps you've noticed this growing revolution & maybe you're even a little interested. At the same time... you're reluctant to try. Something stops you from taking that step and digging in. What's holding you back?

BARRIERS: What are common barriers that will prevent people from gardening?
 • "I don't have the TIME."
 • "Gardening is too much WORK."
 • "I don't have the SPACE to fit a garden."
 • "I don't have the MONEY to buy all that gardening junk."
 • "I have a black thumb. Anything I touch dies."

Let's address some of these barriers. We'll consider 8 good reasons showing why you should garden!

1. Food Quality →