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Dirt! The Movie:
Film Review

Dirt! The Movie is a must-see film for every gardener whether they are just starting out or if they are seasoned veterans. This documentary is all about building appreciation for that delicate living skin that envelopes our planet -its soil or dirt.

The film starts out just a little overly playful for my tastes, but the tone quickly balances out and I found myself thoroughly engaged. I had not realized how some cultures used dirt (and poop) in their actual building construction.

As one would expect, a documentary like this exposes the gross mismanagement of the earth's resources at the hands of humans. Deforestation is a serious problem which is not going away any time soon. Increasing desertification has resulted from poor agricultural practices. And precipitation run-off gets worse as we pave over more and more land area.

But although there is a grim moment of despair, the film does not leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. The story is presented of the hummingbird in the forest, scrambling to fight a raging forest fire. Other, more capable animals look on, feeling helpless. But the little bird is not deterred. It continues to carry water, drop after drop to try to combat the raging fire. The point? It's doing the best it can.

The film shifts the focus from communal accountability and makes us stop and look at ourselves. Individually, what am I doing to show that I appreciate the gift of this beautiful planet I inhabit? Am I killing the soil? Or am I trying to have a positive impact?

I enjoyed seeing the efforts of people who are trying to turn the tide and make a difference. I watched as a bare landscape was transformed through a re-forestation project. I saw a prison system, using gardening to rehabilitate inmates helping them to turn their lives around. Even if your personal choices won't fix this world's problems, they will at least say something about who you are as a person. What do you stand for?

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