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Breaking 5 Garden Rules

When you're new to gardening you may feel overwhelmed by a variety of do's and don'ts. Garden rules can be very helpful, especially if we don't know where to begin. But with experience, you may find that some rules don't always apply in every situation.

Of course, you may decide to adhere strictly to these time honored traditions. And that's quite respectable! But are you having trouble doing so? Are you questioning the necessity of any of these gardening edicts? Well, these are some rules that I've bent or even broken from time to time. And my plants have lived for me to talk about it... ;-)

Five Common Garden Rules:

1 - Sterilize Your Seedling Pots with Bleach and Water
2 - Don't Start "x" Vegetable Seeds Indoors
3 - Harden Off Your Seedlings
4 - Don't Water Your Plants in the Middle of the Day
5 - Annually Rotate Your Crops

Rule 01: Sterilize Your Pots →