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Garden / Farm Supplies:

Here's a random assortment of vendors that can supply you with everything you might want for your garden! From minerals, to worms, to greenhouse supplies... they've got you covered!

Sub-irrigated Solutions:

Some of these are retail self-watering kits. Some links show you how to DIY. Lot's of great info to expand your SIP horizons!

Fruiting Plants (USA):

Sure you could just buy some random plants at a local nursery. But mail order plants have plenty of advantages. You get an amazing variety -stuff you've never heard of! And you can select exactly what cultivar you're looking for. I've personally ordered from each of these vendors and they all have unique plant selections.

    California based nursery. You need to pre-order really early for Spring bare root shipments. These guys have an amazing selection of Dave Wilson's Nursery varieties. A HUGE selection of grafted stone fruits, with multiple root stock options. These are bred in the west coast, but at least partly compatible with an eastern climate too.

    Washington based nursery. Offers amazing selection of plants you have never even heard of, including west coast natives. A good balance between selection and price. Sometimes the plant quality is excellent and sometimes just so-so. But they are still my preferred online plant seller.

    Virginia based nursery. A broad selection of edible plants, including some uncommon varieties. Shipping is available year round, although stock fluctuates.

  • Just Fruits and
    Florida based nursery. Lots of unique fruiting plants, including an impressive selection of persimmons.

    Oregon based nursery. They offer a large selection, including some remarkable west coast natives. In past years, I received good quality plants. Shipping can be pricey, but it's worth it if you can't find the plants anywhere else!

    Maine based nursery. A great source for commercial growers, focusing on berries and a few edible perennials.

Botanical Interests Garden Organic Seed Packets

Seed Supplies:

Everybody seems to have their favorite seed companies. But I think it's always nice to evaluate as broad a range of options as possible. Don't limit yourself to what your local stores have on the shelf. Mail order seeds are totally worth it!