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Timeless Education Through Gardening:

A Cure for Your Black Thumb?

Have you ever met one of those "black thumb" people? Are you perhaps one yourself? It's as though certain people are cursed, destined to forever kill any plant they touch. Granted, tobacco users need to be careful around tomatoes, lest they spread tobacco mosaic virus...

"What's this!?" you ask. You never heard of such a thing? You see! Already, you're educating yourself. As we learn, we improve as gardeners. Before long, that "black thumb" has begun to turn GREEN!

Are You Tired of Re-learning Everything?

But before you start researching and growing as a budding horticulturist, I have a warning for you: Gardening and farming knowledge tends to be TIMELESS, never truly going out of date.

THE TECHNOLOGY HAMSTER WHEEL: I remember when Windows 7 was launched. You had all kinds of things to re-learn. Then Windows 8 went and broke it all (just as you were getting good). Now we see Windows 10 being forced on us. Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure what happened to Windows 9!? How many times have you had to re-learn your cell phone? Are you tired of web browsers moving your buttons and menus!

The point is, technology is just ONE aspect of our modern life that is ALWAYS CHANGING. It may or may NOT be for the better, but it's always DIFFERENT. Our time gets sucked up, trying to keep up. And then once we get it... -BOOM!- reset. Let's start all over. ...a hamster on a wheel.

BUILDING NOT REPLACING: With gardening, the learning process is quite different. You start simple and refine your techniques through practice, trial & error and research. You always find things to learn and new ideas to assimilate. But what you experience is a logical progression. You start with the fundamentals, and then you build. At YOUR pace, in the direction of YOUR choice... you branch out!

A Core Element of Humanity

Gardening isn't some inherited trait that you either have or you don't. It is a basic element of what it means to be human. Today, many modern cultures are experiencing a disconnect. This issue has even led to a field of study called "Ecopsychology".

There is no app for your phone that can replace the simple act of planting a seed, watching it grow and eating its fruitage. Humans are meant to be surrounded by nature. To interact with it. To be taught by it!

Let's take some time to actually look at how broad a gardening education can really be. As we do though, we'll do it within the context of our next reason for gardening:

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