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Infinity Linear LEDs
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The Infinity Linear LED is a self-contained LED system that's ready to use out of the box. It has twice the efficiency rating of conventional high output T5 fluorescents. This is a professional growing solution that is highly relevant in commercial horticulture applications. Yet, it's available to small scale gardeners for home use.

- 58w Per Fixture (2.2 umols / joule)
- 1 Infinity Linear = Two 4Ft T5HO Bulbs
- Shatterproof / Water-proof
- Passively Cooled / Very LOW Heat Emission
- Surface Bracket or Wire Hanger Mounts
- Daisy Chain or Continuous End-to-End
- 5 Year Warranty / Made in USA (UL/cUL Listed)

Unlike some COB and UFO style LEDs, the Infinity Linears do not generate a single hot spot of point light. Instead, they emit light in a continuous linear nature. I think these lights are good for close placement, fixed location installations. Perfect for a grow rack. They could certainly be raised, but in a long daisy chain configuration, doing so might be impractical.

Test Bed:
I tested 2 units in a parallel side-by-side configuration to see if they could keep up with my reliable 4 bulb T5 system. Using hydroponic lettuce, I observed surprising results. Although, the PAR numbers were coming in slightly lower, the LEDs were able to outperform the T5s. And in the process, they consumed less power, while generating less heat.

Video: Infinity Linear LEDs
by Thrive Agritech

Watch my product test / review of the Infinity Linear LEDs!


Pro / Cons: These LEDs come with a higher price tag. But if they are used year round, the price can be quite justifiable. The energy savings can result in a pay back, especially in areas with high electrical rates. And in air conditioned spaces, you'll also see savings in cooling costs. Plus, the labor costs should be much lower than servicing T5 systems which burn out or fade much faster.

Side Note: I love the end-to-end configuration option. But in a long series of fixtures, it can get quite tricky to install or uninstall. It may take multiple people as the lights fit very, very tightly together. Ideally, you would set these up and not touch them for a long time afterwards.

Who should buy one of these models? These LEDs are perfect for home gardeners for seed starting, lettuce, microgreens and plant cloning. But especially for Growth Chambers, Tissue Culture Labs, Greenhouses and VERTICAL FARMS. The waterproof construction is ideal for Hydroponic, Aeroponic or even Aquaponic installations.

I recommend these Infinity Linear LEDs. But if you plan on buying some, I hope you intend to use them to the full. They can be safely operated in a climate controlled living space year round. At home you could be pumping out some lettuce greens and culinary herbs, even in the off-season of Winter. But then as Spring approaches, you have a great light for getting some seedlings started for the garden!

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