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Active Grow's LoPro Max LED grow light can replace both HPS and fluorescent T5s. It includes Far-Red diodes on the board. A good candidate for professional grow facilities looking to invest in horticultural lights. I was able to get my hands on an early pre-release model. I unboxed it and posted a video review. I looked specifically at the 320W model, I created lots of PPFD light maps so you can see exactly how to position this light for your application!


FORM FACTOR: The LoPro Max is a lightweight, low profile luminaire, safety rated for dust & water exposure. The 4 LED strips remind me of a 4 ft, high output T5 fluorescent light. The open design allows for maximum air flow. Only 40% of the footprint is shaded, so overhead light sources (such as sunlight in a greenhouse) can reach the plants.

It easily functions as a T5 replacement, when dimmed down to lower wattages. By default tho, it produces much higher light levels. More light than the most efficient 400 watt HPS systems. It even competes well against 600 watt single-ended HPS lights. The LEDs are much more efficient than any fluorescent bulbs and have a significant edge over top of the line HIDs.

• LED Diodes: Philips
• UL Listed / IP65 Rated
• Dimmer: 10-100% / 0-10V
• Power: 320W / 640W
• PAR Efficacy: 2.4 umol/J
• PBAR Efficacy: 2.6 umol/J
• 94 CRI: 23% Blue / 35% Green / 35% Red / 7% Far-Red
• Coverage: 4 ft x 3 ft Vege / 4 ft x 2 ft Bloom
• Distance: 6" - 24" from Plants

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LoPro Max LED Grow Light Application Specs
Active Grow's LoPro Max 320W is perfect for 2'x4' Grow Tents & Deep Tiered Racks.

FAR-RED LIGHT: Looking at the latest in LED science, manufacturers are focusing on full spectrum LEDs. To truly achieve that, they've added Far-Red LEDs. Why? For one thing, there is the "Emerson Effect". Adding Far-Red photons to higher energy PAR photons can create a synergistic effect, resulting in increased photosynthetic efficiency. That means: More growth & plant mass!

Video: Professional Grow Light Review:
Dimmable LED to Replace HPS / HID

Check out my product review of the Active Grow LoPro Max!


I really like Active Grow's LoPro Max LED system. It's a little larger than what I need for my Wintertime seedlings. If I had a nice full size bench, it would be a no-brainer. But these aren't designed for small-scale hobbyists. I don't recommend them for things like microgreens. These are far too overpowered and it would take years and years to ever see a return on your investment. The 320W model is an ideal fit for a 2x4 grow tent. You can safely hang the lights nice and close for a super high DLI during the bloom cycle.

These are also great for various rack systems. These are professional, commercial grade LEDs, rated to be safe and reliable. This single system can replace everything in your grow operation, starting with T5s and finishing off with HIDs.

Buy Active Grow LoPro Max LED Grow Light from || Promo Code: ALPEPPER2020

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