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Transcend Lighting LED T5 Replacement Bulb

Transcend Lighting LED T5 Bulb
Product Review

The Transcend Lighting LED T5 replacement bulbs are the next evolution in plant lighting technology. Fluorescents have offered a decent balance in efficiency and plant growth. They've continued to push the limits, with T5s offering a low heat, linear light source that works great in tight spaces.

LEDs have been leading on many fronts, offering full spectrum solutions that are even more efficient. But many LED lights require a significant distance away from the plant canopy to achieve optimal light dispersion. This is where the Transcend bulbs come into play. They fill a vital gap in the broad range of LED form factors!


Transcend Lighting LED bulbs are a complete replacement for your old T5 fluorescent bulbs. They are finely tuned for optimal efficiency. Requiring only 45% of the power, these LEDs perform just as well as conventional T5s. This is not a regular indoor lighting solution. The Transcend bulbs are designed specifically for indoor growers. They've been used in commercial operations for the production of lettuce and herb plants. My testing has revealed them to be excellent performers!

- 30w Per Bulb (23w Actual Power Draw)
- Full Spectrum Light, Optimized for Plants
- Operational Distance: 3 Inches
- Mercury Free / Recyclable / Shatterproof
- Passively Cooled / Very LOW Heat Emission
- 5 Year Warranty / Made in USA

These lights are perfect for an operation with existing T5 infrastructure. They are literally plug and play. As old fluorescent tubes burn out, they can be upgraded with these LEDs for a serious reduction in operating costs. Depending on your usage scenario, you may find that the lights have paid for themselves in energy savings in the 1st year. It all comes down to annual hours of operation and local electrical rates.

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T5 Replacement Bulbs

Check out my product test / review of the Transcend bulbs!


If you're running a full time operation and have been relying on T5 grow lights, I recommend running the numbers and seeing how quickly these lights could pay for themselves. If you're in a warm climate, don't forget to account for reduced cooling costs. Transcend Lighting LEDs make MUCH less heat. With a 5 year warranty, you may find that the lights have made you money long before their end-of-life.

For small scale hobbyists, the upfront price might be too prohibitive. You need to analyze how many months out of the year you'll be running them. The lights are excellent quality and they perform very well. But on a tight budget you might need to look elsewhere, especially if you will only use these infrequently.

On the other hand, if you already own a 4 foot T5 ballast, switching to the Transcend LEDs might enable you to grow year round due to the reduced operation costs. I personally am considering growing hydroponic lettuce throughout the Winter since the electrical costs will be so much less!

UPDATE (01-23-2017): I just discovered that Transcend is no longer offering these lights to consumers. They are only marketing and selling them to commercial farms. Sorry guys, but I guess they didn't want to bother selling one-offs to us ordinary gardeners. Quite sad really...

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