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Spider Farmer SF-1000 Quantum LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF-1000
(Quantum LED Light)
Product Review

Modern LED grow lights are so efficient that you can use them to replace older, higher wattage LEDs from just a few years back. This quantum style LED board has outperformed my expensive LED that consumes TWICE the power!

More polished than many competitors. No need to assemble. The SF-1000's aluminum board is thick and sturdy. But it gets hot to the touch, so be careful. The rubbery coating reduces risk from splashes. The driver is solidly fixed in place, resulting a solid unit.

Some low-end LEDs only offer a single diode color. But Spider Farmer uses a custom blend, optimized for plants. A nice broad spectrum, rather than a few isolated bands. Overall, the light looks fairly white. So it's easy on the eyes. And it's good for accurately monitoring plant health.

• Diodes: SAMSUNG LED LM301B
• Driver: Mean Well
• Power Draw: 100 Watts
• Efficacy: 2.7 umol/J
• Spectrum: 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, 760nm
• Coverage: 3 ft x 3 ft Vege / 2 ft x 2 ft Bloom
• Distance: 12" - 24" from Plant Canopy

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Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Samsung Diodes Full Spectrum Light
The Spider Farmer SF-1000 is built with full spectrum Samsung LED Diodes. pin it

EFFICIENCY: No power is wasted on fans or inefficient drivers. And the SAMSUNG Diodes enable this light to boast an efficacy of 2.7 micromoles per joule. For an entry-level, consumer-grade grow light, that's really good! A couple years ago LED manufacturers were excited to offer 2.0 or 2.2 ratings.

I decided to take objective PAR readings to show how much brighter this new quantum style board is. Measurements were taken with my Apogee SQ-520 quantum sensor. It gives more accurate readings when comparing custom LED spectrums. I saw strong consistent numbers at 24 inches. With an average PPFD of 375, running this light at a cycle of 18 hrs on / 6 hrs off would produce a DLI of 24.3.

Video: Spider Farmer SF-1000
Quantum LED Grow Light

Watch my product review of the Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED!


APPLICATION: This is a good LED for a 3 ft x 3 ft area for vege growth or 2 ft x 2 ft area with fruiting plants. It only draws 100 watts, but that's enough power to create lots of photons, especially with reflective side walls. I'm using mine for vege growth (very large seedlings and also lettuce greens).

If you're growing high-end fruiting or blooming plants, it offers entry level performance in a 2 foot by 2 foot area. NOTE: Their listing also shows a two panel and even FOUR panel version which would really get the job done for larger, high-end applications! I think this LED will be an excellent upgrade for my small growing space.

UPGRADE TIME?: People often replace their older fluorescent plant lighting systems with LEDs because they use much less power and save in energy costs. This LED is so much more efficient that many other models that it could even replace older LED systems!

So what's a realistic example justifying an upgrade? Let's say that you have an older LED, rated at 1.8 micromoles per joule. It's 150 watts. Multiply them for a total output of 270 PPF. This SF-1000 draws 100 watts at 2.7, so it too would output 270 PPF. Thus, this newer quantum LED should be able to replace a 150 watt LED or maybe a little higher. I would say you could replace a 200 to 250 watt model if it’s from 2016 or older.

In my grow room, the SF-1000 will replace my older UFO style LED which runs at the same wattage. The Spider Farmer LED has a more even light distribution at 24 inches. Same power draw, but WAY more light! See my PPFD chart for the numbers. And see my YT video for even more measurements!


TERMINOLOGY NOTE: The term "Quantum Board" has been used colloquially for years in the LED community to describe a specific form factor of LEDs used in plant lighting. Horticulture Lighting Group was the company that was instrumental in this development of terminology. In 2019 they received official recognition for the use of "Quantum Board" as their registered trademark.

You could certainly compare the characteristics of the SF-1000 to the basic form factor of a typical "Quantum Board" LED. However, the Spider Farmer SF-1000 is not an actual "Quantum Board", rather it is merely designed or styled in a similar fashion. In general, these types of board designs offer amazing advantages in efficiency and they are well worth the investment!

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