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Welcome to, the gardening blog of Al Gracian 3. Ok, so I don't have a doctorate in peppertology. But I like science. I like gardening. And I love growing peppers! I'm also one of an ever growing number of urban gardeners that you may have seen in your local jog through suburbia.

Urban gardening is a growing trend in many communities including cities. Growing food in the city requires an approach that often differs from conventional farming techniques. Through my personal research into various modern techniques of food production, I've come to find a hobby that is truly rewarding. I've investigated a great deal about how plants grow. The genetic diversity built into the countless varieties of vegetables is amazing! This site is intended to document some of the things I've learned along the way.

This is the place to find information about: Sub-Irrigation, LED Grow Lights, Soil Additives, Water Conservation Techniques, Raised Beds, Container Gardening and more. I hope to explain the scientific principles behind the methods. First and foremost is the basic documentation of things I've grown and how they have done. If you are short on time, check out my photo page to see what I've been working on. Be sure to look at my How To pages for ideas on building your own self-watering (sub-irrigated) planters. In particular, I've put together a YouTube video about how to build a self-wicking raised bed. Be sure to check it out, along with my follow-up videos in this: PLAYLIST.

If you have questions, comments or corrections please feel free to contact me via email:
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